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Protection Forest Alto Mayo

Bosque de Protección Alto MayoSchutzwald Alto Mayo

Rainy landscape protection area in the eastern Andes with mountain jungle on mountains mostly covered with clouds and fog. By protecting the forests with their flora and fauna, the landscapes and water catchment areas are preserved. Biodiversity is extremely high in this area. This has not yet been scientifically researched. Out of 1200 registered plant species, 15 are new to science and 18 are new to Peru. Phragmipedium kovachii stands out among the more than 300 species of orchids. More than 40 hummingbird species are represented.

Schutzwald Alto Mayo
Geographical location

In northern Peru at the meeting point of the departments of San Martin, Loreto and Amazonas.


From 900 to 3400 m.


182.000 ha.

Climate of the nearby city of Rioja:

Average temperature

January: 22,7 °C, February: 22,7 °C, March: 22,8 °C, April: 22,8 °C, May: 22,5 °C, June: 22,1 °C, July: 21,7 °C, August: 21,9 °C, September: 22,4 °C, October: 22,8 °C, November: 23,2 °C, December: 23,1 °C.


Average rainfall

January: 135,1 mm, February: 134,2 mm, March: 180,2 mm, April: 147,4 mm, May: 104,0 mm, June: 79,8 mm, July: 72,3 mm, August: 73,4 mm, September: 106,7 mm, October: 156,8 mm, November: 145,1 mm, December: 122,5 mm.


Average relative humidity

January: 75,1%, February: 76,6%, March: 79,1%, April: 79,4%, May: 78,7%, June: 78,5%, July: 77,5%, August: 75,0%, September: 75,6%, October: 76,9%, November: 75,4%, December: 74,9%.

Source of statistical data: Weatherbase.

Photo: ANDINA.


Travel programs:
Rundreise Nordperu   PTW-PER006

Northern Peru

13 days / 12 nights

Round trip: Lima, Chiclayo, Chachapoyas, Karajía, Kuelap, Leymebamba, Gocta, Tarapoto, Lamas, Lago Lindo, Laguna Azul, Tarapoto, Lima.

Abenteuer Tarapoto   PTW-TAR002

Adventure Tarapoto

6 days / 5 nights

Tours in the «Alto Mayo» river valley, around Tarapoto with the folkloric Lamas, the Ahuashiyaku waterfall, the Laguna Azul lake and the Lago Lindo eco-reserve. Free time to use resort facilities.


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