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Lagunas de MejiaLagunas de Mejia

The wetland Lagunas de Mejia is one of the best places in Peru for bird watching. About 195 birds can be found here, about half of them are sedentary, the rest come from other places in Peru, from other South American countries and mainly from North America. Within a radius of 2000 km there are the best conditions for water-living and migratory birds. The sanctuary consists of river and sea bank hills, lakes, swamps, beaches, reed beds, meadows and the Tambo River.

Lagunas de MejiaGeographical location

146 km southwest of Arequipa at the mouth of the Tambo in the Pacific Ocean.


From 0,50 to 3,50 m.


690,6 ha.

Climate of the nearby city of Mollendo:

Average temperature

January: 22,5 C, February: 23,1 C, March: 21,9 C, April: 20,8 C, May: 19,1 C, June: 17,8 C, July: 16,7 C, August: 16,4 C, September: 16,9 C, October: 18,1 C, November: 20,0 C, December: 21,4 C.


Average high and low temperature

January: 26,2 C / 18,8 C, February: 26,8 C / 19,4 C, March: 25,7 C / 18,2 C, April: 24,5 C / 17,1 C, May: 22,3 C / 16,0 C, June: 20,7 C / 14,9 C, July: 19,7 C / 13,8 C, August: 19,1 C / 13,8 C, September: 19,8 C / 14,0 C, October: 21,3 C / 15,0 C, November: 23,4 C / 16,6 C, December: 25,1 C / 17,7 C.


Average rainfall

January: 0 mm, February: 2 mm, March: 0 mm, April: 0 mm, May: 2 mm, June: 2 mm, July: 0 mm, August: 4 mm, September: 4 mm, October: 2 mm, November: 2 mm, December: 2 mm. 

Source of statistical data:

Photo: ANDINA.


Travel programs:
Lagunas de Mejia PTW-AQP007

Wetland Lagunas de Mejia

1 day

This wetland is a refuge and resting place for migratory birds. Here many native bird species meet with migratory birds, a total of about 180 bird species.


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